A NEW 21 Day Challenge From The USA #1 Transformational Handwriting Expert Bart Baggett

What If You Could Effortlessly Attract Life-Changing Abundance And Clear ALL The Money Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back?

Finally, Break The Shackles of Your Disempowering Money Beliefs And Experience The Success, Happiness, and Wealth You Deserve 
— In Just 21 Days

What would it take for you to have that big financial or career breakthrough? 

Bart Baggett knows the answer to that question because he has been helping people solve this problem for over 20 years when he first published the best-selling book The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy.

This program gives you the personal touch and guidance that a 440-page self-help book could never provide you.  If you want a shortcut to creating new life design and thinking habits that break the cycle... 
this program is for you.
This is a series of live workshops, a unique daily journal, and online video training specifically designed to install daily success habits, wealthy belief systems, and start modeling the most successful and genuinely happy people in the world. 
This compact and fun online course and group coaching program is the most complete and up-to-date of any program who sole outcome is to help you have MORE MONEY, JOY and FULFILLMENT in your life. 

We offer live small group coaching calls (and workshops) on Zoom video platform each week with tons of hands-on support from Bart Baggett and his team of Certified Mental Fitness PRISM Life Design Consultants in Australia, UK, and India.

In this hands-on program, we help you develop new daily habits, align your goals with your deepest values, and get clear on you mission statement... all while installing new beliefs around money that will completely change your ability to attract, keep, and build wealth.

The Level One Breakthrough program is an intense journey into your unique personality, core values, and life purpose which allows you to customize a daily routine that works for you.  This is why this is not just an on-line video series where our experts talk at you in a one-way conversation. We talk to you in live small workshops to customize each LIFE DESIGN MONEY blueprint based on what will fulfull you the most. 

Now, some people confuse this type of program with simple manifestation ideas, a one-size-fits all money meditation, or a lecture on how to invest to get wealthy.  Don't confuse this with other experts promising fast results and instant financial windfalls.  This introductory course extracted the most useful tools from the six month PRISM Life Design Certification Training and compacts them into the shortest possible time to make some deep changes and start seeing results in your life around the topic of money or wealth.  As you imagine, real wealth takes time, consistency, and opportunity. This is the foundation for those success habits, beliefs, and decisions that you will need to sieze those opportunities and craft a long-term plan.  So, it's going to be a magnificant journey for you.  Just to be fair, if you think investing a few hours a week into any program is going to make you rich overnigiht, you are mistaken and please don't enroll.  We want you to experience deep change and financial windfalls like all of our previous students.  Let's just be realistic about what you can accomplish in the first month and be then totally "reach for stars" in the coming months and years. 

The program is divided into four modules and can be completed in about 3-6 weeks, depending on your schedule. 21 Days is the minimum time anyone can complete the program and get the results because it takes a miniumun of 21 days to do the daily Deep Neural Coding excerises you will be assigned. So, give yourself a bit more time and there is never any rush to complete the program in record time.  Our classes are ongoing and our training website is here for you at your schedule 24/ 7.
Core Steps in the Program 
Module One: Prism Life Design Assessment

This workshop dives deep into your unconcious mind analyzing your unconcoius mind in the areas of personality strenghts, deepest fears, core values, the 4 quadrants, and helping you write a compelling mission statement. 

This Assessment is unique and requires lots a bit of one-on-one attention. This includes analyzing your handwriting and digging into your own inner self-talk. When you complete this assesment, you will have gained more clarity on what makes you truly fulfiled and how to invest your time in living in that "zone." Money flows to those who can live in their own money "zone."
Module Two:Your Life Design Money Blueprint
This workshop helps you establish a plan of execution to start living each day at full capacity and moving toward the goals that are aligned with your core vaues. 

Our goal is to help you accelerate you mind's ability to achieve your goals while being happy along the journey. Inside this class, you will learn new techniques for choosing and tracking your morning rituals, daily habits, your perfect magic question, and even dive deep into your current and old belief systems. 

You will learn how to choose your top 3 action items of the day and select your daily enhancements which will be part of the focus of your 21-day plan.

Module Three: The "Life Design" Daily Writing Journal 
The class explains how to use the unique 21-Day Journal that incorporates the process called Deep Neural Coding. You will download and print out the journal during this class and the instructor will review each section so you fully understand how ot use it.

Each day, you will spend 2-10 minutes writing in your journal to answer key questions.  We recommend a few minutes in the morning and 2-3 minutes at night.  This journal helps you track your progress as you complete the new daily routines and stimulates. This is not a "daily organizer" and it is not boring. You finish each journal session inspired and a bit more enlightened about who you are and who you want to be. 

Plus, we have weekly community classes and a private Facebook group to keep you inspired and connected to each week.   You will enjoy the stories and breakthroughs other students experience during using the techniques of the 21 day journal. You will be in touch with your personal PRISM coach and other participants during this entire month. 
Module Four: Celebration and
Your Ideal Self 6-Minute Meditation
In the last live workshopo helps you wrap up your wins and insights as we put the finishing touches on what is called your Best Self 6 Minute Audio meditation

Using a template and parts of the journal you just compeleted, you will craft a 4-6 minute "Future Paced" meditation which will help your mind see, feel, and hear what your best self will experience as your goals and life unfolds. 

You will have a PRISM coach review and assist you in using specific present tense language and avoid any toxic vocabulary based on linguistic rules to insure you continue programming your unconcious mind with correct syntax and language.  

Once complete, you are encouraged to record this meditation in your own voice or have a professional voice talent record this to have available on your phone/headset for daily listening over the coming year. 

This 3 page document and/ or voice recording becomes part of your weekly rituals. The founder of PRISM, Bart Baggett, has been using this technique for over 14 years and records his six minute meditation in his own voice each new year. You are invited to do the same. This is a tool you will use long after this course is complete.

You can design your life with purpose and joy in this unique virtual coaching program.
Using both video lectures, live workshops, and the Daily Deep Neural Coding Journal, you can install new habits in as little as 21 days. These new habits result in increased joy, more money, better health and wellness, and much more.

You can adjust and change core beliefs through a few minutes a day of mental fitness conditioning. And, it is much faster and easier than conditioning your physical body at the gym.  (You will never sweat or pull a muscle.)

The methodology is called Life Design’s Deep Neural Conditioning. We systematically evaluate and change the deep core programs which have been guiding your decisions all these years. 

Through a series of questions, inquiry, daily habits, and tools… you can break through the limiting beliefs of your past and program your mind to work for you, not against you. 

These programs can be erased and replaced with a little bit of daily effort over just a 21-day period. 

We’ve created such a system. It’s called the PRISM Life Design program. The foundational tools are taught in what we call “The Breakthrough” Level One Program. This is an introductory program that allows you to start using many of the PRISM Life Design tools and feel the results without a long commitment and at a super affordable investment of time and money.

Your live classes are hosted by teachers who guide you to build the mental foundations and life maps which help you consistently achieve more, life happier, and find a career and life of purpose and meaning. The tools you learn this month will stay with you for years.

PRISM stands for Purpose, Relationships, Identify, Success and Meaning.  

To live each day “on purpose”, you must first retrain your brain to quickly and instantly reframe negative thoughts and stay focused on what matters most to you. You decide what you value most and you decide how to move from where you are to where you want to be.  We help you turn you unconscious mind into your biggest cheerleader... not your nagging self-deprecating enemy. 

You will experience a state of joy and appreciation every day.
You will focus on goals that align with your deepest values.
You will retrain your brain to stop the negative talk and think in positive outcomes.
You will ask empowering and well structured questions.
You will build new daily habits that form the foundation of a happy day, every day. 

Together, we can figure out what your core values really are… what experiences bring you the most joy and fulfillment, and align your BIG GOALS with those values.

When you do this inner work correctly…. work becomes play and external motivation becomes unnecessary. Your unconscious mind simply “pulls you toward” those actions and people that will help you along the journey.  You will find that big financial path that helps you have more fulfillment, build a foundation of wealth, and of course... have more money now and in the future. 

Please decide to join us and start living your life at the summit. 
Designing Your Relationship Funnel
Building connection and trust with prospective clients is key to success. You will learn how to design your perfect "Relationship Funnel" to help and educate your prospects and give them a chance to know, like and trust you. You will know how to design either a "low tech" or a "high tech" funnel that will result in frequent initial consultations with people likely to want to coach with you.  
Scipting Your Initial Consultations
We will teach you the exact way to enroll clients quickly without selling or being pushy while feeling authentic and generous through the whole process. We will provide you with templates and individualized help to to create a wonderful "initial consultation" that creates a lot of value for your prospect. We will even role play with you to get really good at it so that it feels easy and natural to invite qualified prospects into your program.  
Your Signature Coaching Program
Successful coaches do not offer one-off coaching sessions. Successful coaches provide powerful, transformational 3-6 month coaching programs that their ideal clients love. We help you develop your unique, high-ticket, core coaching program tailored for your ideal client that will help them achieve the outcomes they most desire. You will learn the best practices for successfully crafting and enrolling clients into your unique program.

Crafting Persuasive Copy for Your Funnel
We will provide you worksheets, templates and examples for the best copywriting for all of your marketing materials, and we will also coach you and even help you edit all of your materials! You tell us about the mission of your coaching business and your audience, and we will work with you to craft effective marketing language for your lead magnet, offers and follow-up email... all tailored to be resonant with your ideal coaching clients. 

Dialing In Your Marketing Automation
Automating your marketing pages and email follow-up is the key to attracting qualified leads and coaching clients. We will help you select each component of your platform (landing pages, email, webinar platform, etc.) and coach you to make make sure they integrate together properly. This can save you a ton of time and money by avoiding trial and error, and can hugely decrease your advertising/lead generation cost.

Your Self-Funding Advertising Campaign
We will help you create a winning traffic campaign with the goal of "self-funding advertising" as quickly as humanly possible using Facebook ads. Setting up your advertising campaign can be overwhelming (and risky) to "go it alone." We'll help you design and create a self-funding advertising campaign to bring a constant stream of new prospects into your appointment funnel.  

Bart and his instructors host these workshops multiple times each month in multiple time zones. This entire course takes 3-6 weeks.  The last class you can take as soon as you complete the journal. This will be not just the happiest month of your life but will set a new blueprint for making each month more fulfilling and more joyous than the last. 

In these sessions, there are usually between 5-20 participants. So sometimes you will get 1:1 support with the instructor and other times there will be other people joining you. You will be inspired by meeting other people from around the globe in the program working on the same step in the process that you are working on. They can offer you helpful ideas and feedback. If you ever need more intensive one-on-one support, that is available as well.

This format allows you to get high-value individualized coaching very inexpensively.  You will also be introduced and be coached by more than one Mental Fitness PRISM Certified Life Design Consultant.  
Each step in the process comes with specific worksheets (tools) to help you progress quickly and easily. The books, worksheets, templates, workbooks, and journals are downloadable and printable.

We help dozens of people a month go through this process, so we can really accelerate your results using our proven tools, worksheets, and templates.  Over the past 2 decades, Bart has taken hundreds of people through these processes in live seminars, so the results and methodology is proven to work. 
Each step in the process has a video tutorial that explains the key concepts and introduces you to the steps and the tool/template you will use to complete that step. The videos are designed to be short and fast-moving (averaging about 4-10 minutes per tutorial).  We recommend watching the video tutorials before you attend the live workshop relating to that topic. 

You can watch the video tutorials anytime, anywhere. They look as good on a tablet or smartphone as on your computer or even your big-screen HDTV. 

After you watch the tutorial, you can come to the specific class module to get help moving through the content of the module and get help customizing it to you.   You use the live workshops to get individualized help completing that step in the process. 
I thought the PRISM assessment captured me accurately and was an honest evaluation of me. It highlighted certain traits and characteristics that I wish to work on in order for me to lead a more fulfilling life. 

I think this form of evaluation will be very useful to someone who is going through challenging times or is at a crossroads in their life, as it will help them get to the source of their issues and find a way to overcome their 'problem' areas.  I would highly recommend this!  - Ama Dodoo, UK
Brett, The tools and perspectives, along with the community you've developed are a real godsend for coaches like me who have something to offer, but didn't quite how how to offer it. Your business and marketing teaching and tools have really helped me. Thank you!

- Gord Theo, Leadership and organizational coach and consultant
Brett and his team are so incredibly generous with their illuminating training and business-grounding tools. Very essential process/systems support for those of us with big dreams who want to help people and positively impact the planet. And he has surrounded himself with an awesome community of like-minded people to work with. If you want more conscious business success, I highly recommend Brett's coaching and programs. 

- Susan Lucci, Human Development Coach and Facilitator
I have had the opportunity to work with Brett and his team for a while in several capacities. He is one of the best conscious coaches/consultants I have ever met. Heartfully generous, kind yet provocative, transformational yet very practical. His integral way of seeing the world and teaching is invaluable. I highly recommend working with him and his team... you will not be disappointed.

- Gilles Brouillette, Ph.D., President of the Transformational Learning Institute, Director of the Conscious and Transformational Leadership Program 
Brett's business coaching and mentorship has been enormous time saver and confidence builder! I quickly learned what I didn't know and needed to look into. I got instant feedback from Brett and his team as to the best choices for outsourcing, technology, hosting, etc. A huge blessing because each investigation could have taken me days and still have been a gamble. I used many of the excellent materials offered to us to structure my thinking around the business and really drill down into what was important. The tools provided was amazing and the coaching and consulting was very focused. 

- Lynn Royster, PhD., Integral Consultant and Coach
I was and still am amazed at what my brain is capable of doing, how my actions/past experiences have really shaped my habits. I didn’t expect for my eyes to be opened THAT much. Also, I learnt things about myself that initially shocked me, but now having simmered on the results, make sense about myself. I’m really looking forward to another session! You were patient and I didn’t feel ‘judged’ by some of the responses I gave you. It helped me open up and be more honest with myself.

Michelle Tereki. UK

Enroll anytime at this low introductory tuition.

Or, pay just $150/ month in 3 monthly installments.

Special Discounts are available for anyone already enrolled in the 
Handwriting University Certification Level Program and all Graduates. 
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The first session was amazing.I could actually reframe my core values and beliefs which I thought were correct or never had such close look at them.He actually made me think deep on each area of my life and helped me figure out where I need to improve.I liked the concept of the life mission statement because before this never thought of having it. Now it feels so clear to have a vision of life. Now I know what my ultimate aim in life is. 

Sonam A.Thakur , India
It has been nearly two years since I left a toxic relationship and started a painful and expensive divorce. I began taking the PRISM Life Design course shortly after the separation. 

The tools and resources the program offered me were exactly what I needed. It directed me how to focus on getting out of the deep dark hole I was in (instead of sinking deeper and darker) and how to keep my eye on the prize with healthy practices. I was able to take a microscopic look at different parts of my world and easily determine what I needed to strengthen in order to build a better future for me and my daughter. Fast forward, two years later and I can honestly say I am living the best version of myself, right now! Its awesome to look back at my notes and enhancement exercises I implemented and see how much I've overcome and how much victory and joy I have in my life. Every area in my life is better than ever! I have never felt as mentally and emotionally fit as I do today and I am confident in my abilities to achieve and sustain greatness!

While reviewing my course material I found a value elicitation we did during the assessment regarding what's most important to me about a romantic relationship. I had zero desire to want a romantic relationship at that time so I avoided giving it much attention, although I did complete the exercise. Fast forward year later, I was attending a personal development course in Hawaii, when I met a great guy that seemed like a fantastic match for me and my daughter. When I found that note with the 7 most important qualities in a partner, I realized he possessed all of them! I am incredibly impressed by this course and have experienced the magic of the power of intention when successful strategies are implemented. 

Thank you Bart!

-Stephanie Stuer
Real Estate Agent and Certified Life Design Consultant
During the PRISM life coaching session about the 'Life Mission Statement'', I was blown away. This was intriguing to me as I had never heard of this before; not for a life purpose anyway, but usually just for a business. It makes you realize that your life is your business no matter what! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to get guidance on their mission and their True North direction. Now I get to read my Mission Statement everyday and it makes it easy to stay focused on my personal values and purpose. It's been very empowering and I am excited to see what other changes we will make with this unique coaching program. Thank you ~ Kathleen , USA 
Prism life design started as just an exploring new technology to market my services, but it turned out to be the most profound self-help program for me. The career growth which I was seeking to generate for the past 6 years was generated in just 6 months, by my self-assessment and clear cut vision through the Prism Assessment.

This assessment removed my mental block and I can able to see and feel and enjoy the exponential growth in my career. I am a Handwriting University Mentor and was just able to enroll just 3 students in 5 years but last year I was able to enroll 6 students in just 3 months. Incredible Results in such a short span of time. I literally tripled my income!

Apart from career, my relationship with my family also blossomed and I am sharing more happy and fun time with them. Now I am working on my health and achieving the great success in it and that really motivates me and I would highly recommend this to the person who wants to see the great and magical change in their life.

– Nidhi Gupta, Singapore
Firstly let me say how amazed I was by how accurate the results were, I did not expect that at all. I loved the way the whole assessment was set out and it was not difficult. I think they way in which the assessment was conducted was very professional. I found this to be very useful and of great value to help me move forward in the future .

Briggetta Baker, UK
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to complete the program only six weeks?
A: No.  You can take the foundational workshops on your own schedule. Then, when you have the foundations and training, you can move into the 30-Day Journal when you feel you are ready. You can take any class more than once to be sure your values, mission statement, and core PRISM blueprint are unique to you.  We recommend doing the Daily Journal consecutively for 30 days.  However, many people take a bit longer and that is okay.  Most students finish the entire program in under six weeks. 

Q: Is it exactly 44 days? Is that the same for everyone? If it takes me longer to finish certain steps, can I do it at my own pace? 
A: 5-6 weeks is the average. You are welcome to spend longer on certain sections.  Take as long as you need in the first few steps to get it right so that your 30-Day Journal and Deep Neuro Conditioning will be most effective. We will not rush you. Our live workshops happen frequently, so you can join a class that fits your schedule.

Q: Will there be weekly coaching sessions/workshops during my time zone? 
A: We offer the foundational sessions at various times during the week. By offering all sessions both at an AM time and a PM time, we are able to cover all the time zones in the world. Every one of the workshop topics described above is offered monthly and some are offered more than once a week. We have participants in North America, Europe/Scandinavia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East.  Bart also hosts a weekly "Open Office Hours" which is kind of a "catch-all" time slot for you to get questions answered and get his input on your work if you didn't get a question covered during the other topic-specific coaching sessions (workshops) that week. There are many opportunities to connect, get coaching, and connect with the tribe of other PRISM Life Design clients around the world.. including our private Facebook group. 

Q: What if I have questions or need any additional guidance or direction at a later date? 
A: Absolutely! This is PRISM Life Design Level One Breakthrough Level.  It is our plan that you find the tools and changes so powerful, you will want to move onto level 2 and even further into the curriculum.  The full curriculum and many tools are available to create long and lasting change are plentiful and impossible to deliver all in a short 6-week introductory program.  Once you complete the level one program, we invite you to have a conversation with any of our PRISM Certified Life Design consultants about how you can continue to work with us to create and expand your vision for your life and business.  You might even be inspired to join our team of PRISM Life Design coaches and work with us worldwide to help more people live their lives to their fullest vision.

Ready to Double Your Income and Rewire Your Brain for Success and Joy? 
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