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 Life Design Breakthrough Program
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What's Included
  • ​The PRISM Life Design Assessment
  • In depth live classes that help you rediscover your  Life Purpose and Craft it into a simple one sentence mission statement. 
  • ​Live classes to discover what personality traits you want to reprogram, erase, or improve. Your handwriting will be reviewed and confirmed the graph-therapy assignments. 
  • ​Live Class: Live in Balance, Make More Money, Get Healthy. The Four Quadrants Analysis:  Self-rate yourself in the key areas of life to map a plan to improve in all areas, not just money or love. 
  • ​Double Your Income Process. This life changing class and exercise will elicit and discover the core values that help you make key decisions and give you the deepest fulfillment.  Once you know these and write them down, all your best decisions will be aligned with these core values from now on. And, we will reveal the secret to doubling your income. 
  • ​PRISM 30 Day Happiness Daily Journal - Downloadable and printable.  Spend 5 minutes a day with a ball-point pen and silence.
  • ​Customized Deep Neural Coding daily exercises and daily success habits to incorporate in the daily journal.
  • ​Member's Only area with support material, downloads, and video lessons, and pre-workshop video tutorials.
  • ​Live Workshops directly with Bart Baggett and his team of Mental Fitness Life Design Trainers.  Multiple classes offered for all time zones throughout the month from both American and Indian trainers. 
  • ​Private Facebook Page to connect and get inspired with other members.​
Prism Life Design Level One "The Breakthrough Program"
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About Bart Baggett

Bart Baggett is the author of the Succes Secrets of the Rich & Happy and the Creator of the cofounder of The Mental Fitness International's PRISM Life Design Coaching program.  He travels worldwide speaking and helping high-achievers create lives of meaning and purpose.  

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